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Why You Should Upgrade Your Shower

In some cases, it can be hard to know whether your shower is truly outdated without noticing any visible damage. However, an outdated shower can manifest in various different ways, such as a lack of accessibility, hidden water damage, and frequent slip-and-fall accidents.

Outdated showers compromise more than just the aesthetics and practicality of your bathroom. They also make the space unsafe to use, compromise your health and safety, and increase the risks of slip and fall hazards.

When you read the number of slip and fall injuries in the shower, you’ll be running to schedule your shower installation. The severity of these injuries is unprecedented and can even be fatal, especially for the elderly.

Keep reading to learn how to recognize an outdated shower, why you should upgrade, and the benefits of hiring a professional installer.

Signs Your Shower is Outdated

The damage in your outdated shower is not always apparent. You’ll need to conduct a personal examination before calling a professional, as it will help you identify blockage, leakage, and cracks. This way, you can gauge how pre-existing plumbing problems can influence your shower upgrade.

When examining your shower, look for any water damage, leaks, cracks, or instability in the shower pan, walls, or glass enclosure. Here are a few other signs indicating that your shower is outdated and unsafe to use.

Skin Burns

If you burn yourself every time you turn the hot water on, it means your shower doesn’t have an anti-scald faucet. You may think the issue is avoidable by quickly adjusting the water temperature, but the lack of anti-scald faucets can lead to serious injuries.

If you’re not sure, you can check between the water heater and the outlets to check if your anti-scald device is installed properly.

Slip and Fall Hazards

If you often slip and fall in your shower, it’s possible that the shower pan is outdated. If your shower floor is tiled, it’s crucial that you only use Class 5 tiling material since it’s the least slippery option.

Any material lower than Class 5 can cause slip and fall hazards, especially if you don’t wash your bathroom floors often. We may think the shower floor gets clean every time we shower, but the soap and mildew buildup can make the surface slippery.

Loose Showerhead

A loose showerhead may seem like a minor issue, but it can cause serious injuries if it comes falls while you’re showering. Since showerheads are typically made from heavy-duty plastic or metal, these injuries can be quite severe.

They may lead to cracked skulls, severe bleeding, concussions, or all of the above. It’s best to replace or repair your showerhead as soon as you see it leaking, delivering low water pressure, or moving loosely.

Microbial Growth

If your showerhead is broken or persistently leaking, it can make your bathroom a welcoming space for mildew, mold, and other fungal growth. Not only is that unsanitary, but it’s also bad for your health, leading to infections and respiratory issues.

If you note water damage or microbial growth in your shower space, it’s possible that your shower is outdated and leaky.

Non-Accessible Features

Any modern bathroom should have an accessible and easy-to-use shower for wheelchair users. If your shower has narrow entries, a lack of grab bars, non-extendable showerheads, and slippery shower pans, it’s inaccessible and outdated.

An upgrade may include handrails, adjustable shower height, braille on the faucets, and anti-slip flooring.

Cracked Shower Door

Most shower enclosures are made of glass, which is why they can be susceptible to cracks and damage due to impact or excessive heat. If your shower door is already cracked, it may explode due to temperature fluctuations or even minimal impact.

Why You Should Invest in a Safer Shower

If your shower has any of the above-mentioned issues, it’s clear that an upgrade is long overdue. However, if you’re still not convinced, reading the statistics about slip and fall hazards in outdated showers will definitely change your mind.

In fact, slipping and falling in the shower is the most common injury to happen in the bathroom. Nearly 42% of hotel bathroom injuries occur for this reason, with children and the elderly being the most prone to such accidents.

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), a third of the elderly population suffers from slips and falls in the shower. Slipping and falling in the shower can lead to fatal positional asphyxia as the victim falls in an unusual position, blocking the oxygen supply instantly. Aside from your own health and safety, outdated showers can be pretty hard on your pockets.

While paying for persistent repairs and maintenance, the National Floor Safety Institute may also fine you up to $500,000 if your commercial bathroom is unsafe and outdated. Plus, hidden leaks and running toilets spike your water bill without your knowledge.

Hire a Professional Shower Installer Today

After completing your personal check, it’s time to hire a professional shower installer. Our specialists will fix all pre-existing plumbing issues before installing a new and updated shower for you.

Call us today to make your bathroom a safer and more accessible space.